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Summer Camp:
Details and Tuition

​Summer Camp will begin at 9:00 AM (you may signup for arrival from 7 AM-8:45 AM.) A daily schedule will be distributed at the beginning of camp. The camp will be finished at 1:00 PM (again, you may sign up to stay as late as 6:00 PM).  All PM children are involved in activities until departure time. Our School Age team will be going on four big field trips throughout the summer! 

Morning and afternoon snacks and drinks are provided. Children should bring their own lunch and drink in an insulated lunch box. Your enrollment form and permission for hand sanitizer, insect repellant, and sunscreen must be completed and submitted by your child’s first day of summer camp

  • Registration:  $30

  • Full Day (7 AM-6 PM): $48 per day

  • Regular Camp (9 AM-1 PM):  $32 per day

  • Early Care (7 AM-1 PM): $42 per day


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