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Before and After School Care: Details & Tuition

  • Before School: 7 AM-Bus Arrival
  • After School: Bus Departure-6 PM

Before/After School Care is for kindergarten through 5th grade. When we receive notice from Coventry's bus garage, the exact time children board their bus for school will be announced. Anytime throughout the afternoon school agers are permitted to work on their homework. When weather permits, more time is spent outside.

Reminder: Before/After School Care is paid weekly. However, you can have your child attend for only a certain number of days. 

  • Registration Fee: $30

  • Before School (7:00 AM till bus pick up): $55: per week, $11 per day

  • After School (bus drop off to 6:00 PM): $70 per week, $14 per day

  • Both before and after-school care: $125: per week

 A late fee of $10.00 is charged after 1 week of nonpayment. You are not charged for days that your school or our school is closed.

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