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Before and After School Care: Details & Tuition

  • Before School: 7 AM-Bus Arrival
  • After School: Bus Departure-6 PM

Before/After School Care is for kindergarten through 5th grade children attending Coventry Elementary School.  Children enrolled in Before School Care board their bus to the elementary school from our center.  Children enrolled in After School Care are bussed to our center after the school day is finished. Children are provided an afternoon snack, playground/gym time, classroom activities and an opportunity to work on homework throughout the afternoon. 

Bus pick up and drop off times will be communicated to parents when we receive information from the Coventry bus garage. 

Reminder: Before/After School Care is paid weekly. Children may attend all five days.

Tuition is billed weekly for school age children.  We do not charge tuition for days Coventry Elementary is closed. 

  • Registration Fee: $30

  • Before School (7:00 AM till bus pick up): $60: per week, $12 per day

  • After School (bus drop off to 6:00 PM): $75per week, $15 per day

  • Both before and after-school care: $135: per week

 A late fee of $10.00 is charged after 1 week of nonpayment. You are not charged for days Coventry Elementary or Community Christian  is closed. 

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